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Motorized blinds & curtains

No more struggling to adjust window shades in hard-to-reach locations, or worrying about messy dangling cords. Relax and let the motor do the work for you. Conserve energy as well, as your motorized shades will automatically adjust themselves on preset timers or with various sensors, reducing your energy bill.

Somfy: Building Happiness

Somfy is the largest and most well known brand for window treatment motors worldwide. You can use your phone, tablet, computer, or even voice commands to control your motorized shades anytime. Somfy systems integrate seamlessly with existing home automation systems.

Store Urbain is a Platinum Somfy Expert, the highest grade.

Battery Powered

Lutron Motors

Lutron shading systems provide precision control of daylight at the touch of a button. Install automatic motors without the complex wiring. Lutron is a specialist in ultra-quiet battery motors. Store Urbain is an authorized Lutron Shading Systems Dealer.

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Home Automation

All of our motors may also be linked on your existing home automation system, such as Control4. Store Urbain is partnered with trusted home automation specialists across the province of Quebec, to provide integrated, turn-key solutions for our clients.

Somfy Digital Network

The Somfy Digital Network is the latest generation of solutions that can be offered for today's energy efficient Intelligent Building. Digital controls for blinds or projection screens can be set on a computer or a touch-screen device. Also allows control of AV, temperature control, artificial lighting and more.

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